Project Description

My Journey in Cuba

CUBA: Old US Cars, Salsa Music and Cigars

  • Time Spent: 20 days.

  • Highlights: The Cuban Vibe (festive, dynamic, positive) everywhere

  • Favourite Spots: La Havana and Trinidad for the culture, Valle de Viñales for the nature

  • Pictures Taken: 2270 (incl. UCPA shots)

  • Transports: Taxis and private transportation

  • Accomodation: Casa Particulares, Hotels

  • Reading Material: WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet

I’ve been lucky enough to see Cuba from 2 different angles: the touristic side and the business side. I’ve traveled with a friend of mine who regularly organises trips to Cuba. We went for a one week trip in the west side of the island in the green and prolific region of Pinar del Rio (Viñales) and pushed to Maria La Gorda, one of the most famous Cuban diving sites. We then picked up a group of 30 teenagers to lead a tour from Havana to Trinidad, Cienfuegos and Varadero. It was an amazing experience, discovering all the different touristic places with this bunch of curious and lovely kids, and seeing what was going on behind the curtains when we were dealing with local people and companies. It’s definitely the most contrasted country I’ve visited, such a rift between the rich and the poor, the ones who work with tourists and the others: this dual CUP/CUC economy feels like splitting the country in half. Despite this sad aspect, Cuba maintains an authentic way of living, and its culture is everywhere in the streets of every village and city: they dance at the rhythm of Salsa and Reggaeton music and know how to party, always happy to charm the tourists coming along. For a photographer, this is like paradise: the old colonial-style buildings, the old american cars, the old papis and mamis and kids dancing in the streets and all in a joyful festival of colours and flavoured rums!

Cuba Images

Cuba Images