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My Journey in New-Zealand

NEW ZEALAND, Land of The Long White Cloud (Aotearoa)

  • Time Spent: 28 days.

  • Highlights: Geothermal Sites, Mountains, Southern Sounds, Beaches and Coves, Kindness of Local People

  • Favourite Spots: West Coast (South Island), Cathedral Cove, Wai-O-Tapu.

  • Pictures Taken: 3052

  • Transports: Driving with friends and alone, hitch-hiking

  • Accomodation: Friends’ places, hotels, hostels.

  • Reading Material: WikiTravel, Wikipedia, Lonely Planet

I’ve spent about one month in New Zealand, half of it in the North Island, and half in the South Island. This is a very short time to discover this incredible country. It feels like a little like a western country where everyone is relaxed, at least from my perspective. The nature is everywhere and locals are laid-back and welcoming. The South island is more popular with tourists than the North and offers a bigger variety of sceneries with its incredible west-coast and sounds but the North also has its true gems, including impressive geothermic sites. I’ve driven 3300km in the South Island, and in 2 weeks, that’s very tight when you add the hiking activities. Visiting friends and hitch-hiking in the North was much more relaxed in comparison. But if I had one advice to give: allow yourself at least 3 weeks per island minimum if you really want to enjoy this beautiful country.

Map of New Zealand

New Zealand Images

New Zealand Images